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DJI/Ryze Tech Tello Boost Combo - White

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Perform flying stunts, shoot quick videos with EZ Shots, and learn about drones with coding education.


  • 1x Aircraft
  • 4x Propellers (Pair)
  • 1x Propeller Guards (Set)
  • 3x Battery
  • 1x Battery Charging Hub
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Propeller Removal Tool

  • [1] Read through the Tello Quick Start Guide before flying. 
  • [2] Compatible remote controllers sold separately. The remote controller shown in the Say Hello to Tello video is a customized GameSir remote controller. 
  • [3] Estimated flight time is based on flying in windless conditions at a constant speed of 9.3 mph (15 kph). Actual flight times may vary depending on your environment. 
  • [4] Attainable when FCC compliant in an interference-free environment. 
  • [5] Propeller guards are recommended when using these functions. Fly with caution. 
  • [6] Failsafe Protection is automatically enabled when mobile device signal is weak or lost, the Tello App crashes, or the aircraft’s vision positioning system fails for more than 3 seconds.
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