Hobbywing XRotor 2306 Race Pro 2400KV - Motor

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Product Number 30405201
Velocity Constant 2400KV
Stator Diameter 23mm
Stator Thickness 6mm
No.of Stator Arms 12 Slots
No.of Stator Poles 14 Poles
No-load Current (A/11.1V) 1.26A
Motor Resistance 43.65mΩ
Max Continuous Current (30s) 37.9A
Max Continuous Power (30s) 758W
Weight (Excluding Cable) 27.5g
Rotor Diameter 27.9mm
Shaft Diameter 5mm
Body Length 17.5mm
Overall Shaft Length 30.7mm
Number of cells up to 4-5S
ESC 40-50A
Recommended Propeller Size 5-6-inch
Wire Size 20AWG/150mm
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