RotorRiot Hypetrain Acro Replacement Bell (compatible with all 2207)

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A spare bell for the Hypetrain Acro 2207 2450kv

Note: Please use a heat gun or soldering iron to heat up the screw on your motor before replacing the bell. The factory uses strong loctite to avoid screws backing out due to vibration. Heating the screw loosens the grip of the loctite. If you do not heat the screw, there is a good chance it will break if you apply too much force to it.


  • 1x Hypetrain Acro 2207 2450Kv Replacement Bell
  • 1x Shaft Screw


  • Hypetrain Stingy 2207 2150Kv
  • Hypetrain VORT3X 2207 2650Kv

Motor Kv is not affected by the bell - so you can use any bell as a replacement for any compatible motor without affecting it's performance.

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